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tips for carpet cleaning

Tips for Carpet Cleaning

We love owning pets. If you have pets, you are likely familiar with the issue of pet stains and odours that permeate your carpets and take a very long time to disappear. 

When you stumble on a chilly, damp area on your carpet while barefoot, it may be very unpleasant! The majority of pet owners struggle to clean up the messes their animals leave on their carpets. Even worse, some of us are washing it improperly or using certain chemicals to remove stains when we aren’t meant to.

Fortunately, local carpet cleaners are always there to help, such as by providing carpet steam cleaning services to completely clean your carpets. Worse than that, no matter how hard you clean, the odour simply ain’t going away. Here are a few fast measures that might help you get by till you require a professional carpet cleaner to clean and eliminate the scent coming from your carpet.

1.   How to Remove Stains with an Iron

On the topic of carpet cleaning, there are many different viewpoints. A three-step process is used in the one we are presenting today.

  • To focus solely on the stains at hand, start by vacuuming the afflicted area to get rid of any tough particles.
  • To the afflicted areas, use a 3:1 mix of water and vinegar. Give this mixture a few minutes to absorb into the stained cloth.
  • To remove the stained area of the carpet, cover it with a napkin and heat it with iron.

2.   Relating to the Pee and Puking Stains

Supplies needed: dry, clean towels or paper towels, spray bottle, white vinegar, vacuum, baking soda.

  • As gently as you can, blot up any pee or puke.
  • Add a little white purified vinegar to a spray bottle. On top of the moist stain, sprinkle vinegar.
  • Considering that vinegar generally eliminates odours, let it soak into the carpet.
  • Utilize a fresh towel or piece of paper to absorb the vinegar.
  • Once the stain has already started to become slightly moist, sprinkle some baking soda on top.
  • Give the carpet a night’s rest after applying baking soda.
  • The next morning, vacuum the spot. Voila! The stain is gone.

In addition to taking the above actions, you may think about buying a portable separator that aids in fully sucking up liquids to the carpet. Without towels and a vacuum, it is easier and quicker to remove certain moist stains, such as pee. 

After using the portable excavator, use the designated pee Phyto cleanser to completely remove the pee stains. It aids in neutralizing the ammonia and uric acid components of the pee and gets rid of the carbohydrates and starches that cause the pee stains to stick to the carpet. Before utilizing any other carpet cleaners, it is advised that you use this solvent since it helps to keep stains from being persistently embedded in the carpet.

3.   Get carpet that won’t stain.

It’s usually best to get a carpet that can withstand stains you can. If you want to carpet a wood or tile floor or if you want to replace the carpeting, take this choice into consideration. While frequently more expensive, this kind of carpet also has a long lifespan. The fibres of stain-resistant carpets already have a coating of protection on them. 

4.   How to get rid of pets’ poop?

Having your beloved pet poop on your elegant carpet, which might not appear luxurious with the feces, might be the scariest nightmare ever. Although you might theoretically use a towel to scoop a solid mess, this is not advised since it may easily push and smear the mess into the carpet, making it much more difficult to deal with. Use a putty knife instead; all you need to do is gently sink the edge into the carpet and collect the dirt into a dustpan.

5.   Consistently maintain your pet’s toenails.

A carpet may get ruined by your pet’s long nails. Pets can grab the fibres when they move swiftly across the carpet while running around or scooting. As a result, the carpet may gradually develop areas that are bare, untidy, or less bouncy than the rest of the carpet. It’s also best to use a pet nail file while clipping your pet’s nails. 

The stiffness is then eliminated, leaving the nails feeling smooth once more. Additionally, this aids in protecting wooden floors and carpeting.

6.   Potty-train your pet as quickly as practicable.

As early as possible, educate your pet to use a pee pad, little box, or another type of pet toilet, whether you prefer that they go outdoors to relieve themselves. This is crucial if you get a pet while it is still a young animal since your pet would have no concept of what is and isn’t expected of them. It’s up to you to show an older pet where they can go as they are likely already accustomed to toilet training.


If you have a pet, you’re undoubtedly used to that kind of a mess and experiencing mishaps. Even while this might be annoying and necessitate additional carpet cleaning, it’s all a part of having a pet. Nevertheless, keeping your pet inside doesn’t require you to forfeit valuable carpets. Simply follow the very few extra procedures listed above to remove carpet stains and mishaps.